Carrier Trade Logistics - We Carry Your Goods

  Company Profile

First of all our company is active in the export-overseas area (worldwide).

We offer a complete service: Competitive freight rates, precarriage of the goods to the port of loading, container transport, storage and seaworthy packing as well as stowage of containers. Furthermore oncarriages from the port of destination into the inland. ... more 

  Trading Routes

The main emphasis is situated in following territories: Africa, Arabian/Persian Gulf, Red Sea, India/Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Far East mainports.

Our regular customers are especially consisting of forwarding agents, almost exclusively enterprises of the producing economy as well as exporters. ... more 

  Contact Persons

As your competent logistics partner we have been ensuring fast and smooth logistics around the globe since 1993 and manage the transport of your goods as sea, truck, rail and air freight.

Feel free to contact us, we offer comprehensive consulting and find the right transport solution. ... more